Adding 2x Aggregations in Kibana 5 visualization?

(Mick Mahoney) #1

In a visualization I have 2x average values displayed as a timeseries line graph

Avg val1
Avg val2

Instead of displaying these 2x aggregation lines want to display a single line showing (Avg val1) + (Avg val2)

Is there any way of doing this in Kibana ? Its driving me mad ....

Many Thanks

(Jim Unger) #2


Have you looked into Timelion? It is included in Kibana 5.0 and higher, and will allow you to do the calculation you are trying to do. Then Timelion graphs are able to be added to your Kibana dashboard just like Visualizations.

Here I made a simple example. I am taking the average bytes over time and adding the average machine.ram (divided by 1000000 for simlar data) over time.

(Mick Mahoney) #3

Perfect - worked :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help

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