Visualizing Non-aggregated data


Is it possible to view data using kibana without aggregating the data in the y-axis.

For instance, we're trying to visualize cpu utilization over time (like task manager), and would like to plot the individual percentages on the y axis instead of aggregating some values over time. Thanks!

Kibana visualizations only work using aggregations, so it's not possible to plot the values directly. Chances are, you're sampling the CPU use at a pretty high rate, and plotting each point is going to limit the kind of time frame you can look at pretty dramatically.

I'm curious, what is it that you're trying to see or do that aggregations are not a good solution?

Hey Brian, "effectively" you can - if you average (or sum, or max or min) the CPU utilisation for a period in which you only collected a single data point. So it is an aggregation however an aggregation of just one data point.

fyi, I'd recommend having a crack at using timelion for this type of data - you can end up with some pretty cool time series graphs. I particularly like lining up four CPU utilisation graphs; CPU utilisation now, one hour ago, on day ago and one week ago.

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