Kibana 7, Visualization without aggregation

An age old question, but seemingly not asked for any recent version: Is there any way to have a visualization without aggregation?

My goal: I have time series data in ES(7). The date is mapped as such and the Kibana index pattern recognizes it well. Each data point comes in every 10 seconds or so. I just want to see a line chart for one numeric value in the dataset, for each data point, shown by its time. Is that so much to ask?! (joking).

Is there any way to achieve this in Kibana 7.6.1? Please and thank you.

Most of the Kibana visualizations are optimized for aggregated data, because that's by far the most common use case.

For your case:
When you are creating a date histogram with an interval of 10 seconds for the x axis and a max aggregation of your field for the y axis, you are effectively seeing the raw data (because there is just a single document within each date histogram bucket). For most use cases that's the best option to take.

There are others though:

  • In Canvas you can query individual documents and visualize them in a Canvas workpad
  • When creating a vega visualization, you can work with individual documents as well, but you have to define your query manually and write a vega spec for the visualization part

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