Kibana visualisation on values

I am pushing a lot of application counter data to elasticsearch every few minutes. These counters keep incrementing as user register to the application. I want to create visualisation to see the incrementing counter values against timestamp in line graph. Is it possible to create such visualisation in kibana? Only options I see is using aggregates and that is not my requirement. Please guide. Thanks


Hey @Neeraj_Jain
unfortunately most of the visualization in kibana are based on aggregated values. The basic line chart, the time series visual builder and timelion use time based aggregation for timeline charts.

You currently have two possibilities:

Thanks Mark.
I will try these options. Also, can you please tell me if the vega visualization is dynamic (graph updates as new data is pushed to elastic search)
Do you think Grafana provides such visualizations??

To dynamically update your visualization you should configure your dashboard with a refresh rate that will automatically query for new data (it's configured by default to refresh every 15 minutes, but you can change it to whatever value you prefer, e.g. to few minutes as in your usecase).

I'm sorry but I don't have experience with Grafana visualization.

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