Visualisation of changes during the day

I came here for a help.

I want to visualise information from my DB table. Table and few records are shown on picture below.


Data are imported in kibana by bulk import, so I'm not feeding them continuously.

Each record in DB represents one state, that is unique at for bounded timerange (interval could be described: <begin (timestamp), end(timestamp)) ).

The desired visualisation should show the changes during the day. My assumption is that in filter will be picked day or dayrange, for which will be showed the 'timeline' of states. In a visualisation I want to see the start and end time of state a its id (state_id).

I appreciate any help(which graph type to use, approach how to aggregate data, ..) because I'm totally new in ELK.



Hey @JozefPaulisin, the built-in Visualizations don't support this type of graph where you specify the start and end times for a specific series. You can create a Date Histogram visualization quite easily using just the begin dates, but it's not going to give you exactly what you want.

I'd suggest experimenting with the Vertical Bar visualization to see if it's close enough to what you're looking for, and if that doesn't satisfy your needs looking into Vega support to create this custom graph, but it's a rather advanced topic. The following video should get you started:

Thank you @Brandon_Kobel,

I will try to create something according to your suggestions.

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