Visualize start and end times


I have set of call records with columns - start_time, end_time and number.
I want to create any graph with each distinct number on x-axis and y-axis displaying the start to end time .
Can someone help me in achieving this.


Hi @Arjun,

for this, you will likely have to use the Vega visualization, as these sort of range-visualizations are not supported by the regular visualizations.

This does require you to write some code. I would start with going through the documentation here, and see if this will work for you.

Hi @thomasneirynck,

I tried understanding Vega graph but unable to query elastic search.
Below is my requirement.
Could you please check and let me know if this can be achieved in Kibana.
I have 3 records as below in elastic search. first two columns are timestamp and third column is string in elastic search.
Begin time,End time, Number
2018-07-04T05:30:00.000Z,2018-07-04T05:50:00.000Z ,12345
2018-07-04T05:40:00.000Z,2018-07-04T05:60:00.000Z ,12345
2018-07-04T05:20:00.000Z,2018-07-04T05:40:00.000Z ,23456

below is the chart I am looking to implement.

Please suggest me on this graph implementation.


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