How to create Timelion using all value of data instead of count

I want to create a Timelion visualization of the actual data as opposed to the count/average/min/max of the data. Just the data values, I basically just want to use Kibana to make an updating line graph of the values of my data.

Hey @mcbrou, as you've likely discovered, Kibana's Visualizations are largely based around Elasticsearch's aggregations (as that's the real power of Elasticsearch) and it's not geared toward creating visualizations from raw data.

What that being said, there are a few "work-arounds", but it all depends on the shape of your data and the visualizations that you're trying to create. One of the common workarounds I've used is to create a Terms aggregation on a unique field, such as an ID so that each document comes back in it's own "bucket".

It's also possible to create a Vega Visualization against raw data, but that's a bit more work. The following video is a good place to start learning about Vega to see if that's a worthwhile effort for your use-case:

Also, if you'd like to elaborate upon the specific structure of your data in Elasticsearch, and the type of Visualization that you'd like to create, I can attempt to provide additional work-arounds.

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