Kibana simple value plotting without aggregation

We need to plot graphs using timelion/kibana without performing any aggregation but this feature is not available. I have searched over various forums and found that many people are facing the same issue and feature requests has been raised since 2015. It would be very helpful if you could confirm whether this feature is available or not.

Hi Bony_Simon,

If you're looking at a aggregation of time-based data then you're looking at either the average, min, or max. As you zoom in to a smaller time span, you get fewer values being aggregated. If you don't have multiple values with the exact same timestamp, you eventually get to the point where you are seeing individual values (for 1 value the average = min = max so it doesn't matter what kind of aggregation you use.

On many Kibana visualizations you can set the interval (bucket size in Elasticsearch terms). But there is a limit to how much data Kibana can show in a chart. So you can't have a large timespan with a very small interval.

Can you try going to a small interval and see if you can get to the point where you see only the individual values you're are looking for?


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