Creating a line chart in kibana without aggregation

Hello Folks,

I am new to Kibana, although i have worked with other visualization tools before. Kibana is new to me. I know that Kibana is based on Buckets and we need an aggregation to create charts in Kibana.. But when i read a few similar discussions I understood that there is a way in kibana to work with vega script to create visualization without aggregation.

I have written a few lines of code in vega. I am not getting any error , but i dont see any values in the graph.

I explain more about my use case. I have a column with values ranging from -70 to -140 called Power, and a Name field with the radio names and a time field... What i want to visualize is , to be able to view power generated by a particular radio with respect to time. I am not really sure how to visualize this data.

I will paste my vega script below. I am pretty sure i have to change a few things but I dont know where.

  "$schema": "",
  "title": "Event counts from all indexes",
  "data": {
    "url": {
      "%context%": true,
      "%timefield%": "Time",
      "index": "rrd*",
      "body": {
        "aggs": {
          "time_buckets": {
            "date_histogram": {
              "field": "Time",
              "interval": {"%autointerval%": true},
              "extended_bounds": {
                "min": {"%timefilter%": "min"},
                "max": {"%timefilter%": "max"}
    "format": {"property": "aggregations.time_buckets.buckets"}
  "mark": "line",
  "encoding": {
    "x": {"field": "key", "type": "temporal", "axis": {"title": false}},
    "y": {"field": "power", "type": "ordinal", "axis": {"title": "Power Range"}}

the output is just a plain graph with X axis as time(like i want it to be), Y axis, it just shows undefined. I want to display the range from -70 to -140 on y axis.

Please help me with this. I have been working on this from so many days but I am not able to think of any further.

Thank you so much in advance.

Hello, maybe this article could help you?

It creates a scatterplot with non-aggregated data.

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