Graph without any aggregation in Kibana

I have graph without any aggregation and I want to show it in Kibana
How can I do that?

I’ve already tried to do that in Vega but it’s a static graph and it’s not advanced and I want the graph to show millions of points and not just 1000
In excel there is a scatter graph

maximize window size is not the solution because the dashboard can’t handle with that


How can I do that in Kibana ?

unfortunately kibana doesn't like graphs without aggregation. Million of points are also too much for standard kibana. I am pretty sure you will need vega for this. I also had to plot raw data and vega was a lifesaver. Have a look into vega scatter plots . They should do the trick:

Also: Are those 1Mio points in 1Mio documents? If so you will have to change kibana settings because kibana fetches 10.000 Documents at max.
Maybe my raw data vega script helps you. Have a look.

Good luck.

Graph with 10000 have no meaning for my case
I need to see minimum of 1 million results
And yes, 1 million points in 1 million documents
I used Vega but it was useless because of the limit (10000)
So it’s not possible to show millions of points in one single raw data graph in Kibana?

As I said, the consequence of changing Kibana settings (Maximize max window size to 1000000 ) was horrible
I needed to restart Kibana
My Vega visualization was no available :disappointed:
In your example you handle with that amount of data?

I set my limit to 100.000 and I have 4 fields so at max I have 400.000 results. I never tried more and one of the elastic member said that kibana gets instable if you change these settings. I think you reached the limit of kibana. I don't see any other options than:

  1. Aggregation
  2. Less documents
  3. Use other software and not kibana.

Thanks a lot🙃

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