Visualize data without filters

I am working on visualizing my log messages. I would like to visualize the arrived data to Elasticsearch without actually filtering for anything. Like, if I am interested in for the full time series of my data (not just the 1 hour, 1 day filters) and I am planning on showing the associated price with the given time. For the price field, I don't need any filters (min, max, avg...) just to show its plain value. Is there an option for this inside Kibana?

Hey! You mean that you want to visualize your data without running any aggregations? Just raw data as they come from ES? Unfortunately the visualizations work with aggregated data. You could only create a Discover view and add it to a dashboard (saved search)

Hello! Thank you for your answer! Yes, I want to visualize the data without any aggregations. But as you mentioned, aggregations are needed in Kibanas case. Isn't there an aggregation that basically does nothing, just gets the value of a given field? What I mean is there would be an aggregation called match_all(data.price)? Or could I somehow make my aggregation ranges 1 long? So the aggregation, I would do on 1 data would be meaningless? For example on an index, that has 100 pieces of objects inside I would do 100 individual max aggregations which would result in getting the simple values.

I am afraid that this is not possible. There is no aggregation that does nothing or any other way to make them work unfortunately as you want. The only thing you can visualize is your raw data in a Discover table as I mention above

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