Data Table without Aggregation (No Search)

Can we create a data table visualization without applying any aggregation in Kibana 6.2.4?

Are you looking for something like this?

Go to Discover, select the fields you want, save it (this is called a "saved search") and add it to a dashboard like any other visualization.


Thank you for writing Robert.
This is not what I am looking for. I'm looking for a data table visualization.

Then the answer is no. The table visualization requires an aggregation to split the data into multiple rows. A table without aggregation (to list the raw documents) is achieved as I documented. The only other choice is to develop your own Kibana vizualization plugin.

Alright, Robert would I be able to split in to rows withour aggregation if I develop my own plugin?
I mean is it allowed in the Kibana basic structure?

If you develop your own plugin you can do anything that you want to... or that your development skills allow you to do. Of course it is possible. If it wasn't Discover wouldn't work.

What is it about using a saved search that doesn't work for you?

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Well I want to select and export the logs. Like I want to have a functionality in which I examine the logs (like a saved search would do ) and then I can select the logs and export only the selected logs in form of pdf of xls.
Would I be able to do that If I write my own plugin?

You can do what you want with a saved search. In fact the only thing the Export to CSV feature in X-Pack works with is a saved search.

What about exporting only the marked rows. I want to export only the marked rows. I am currently on the OSS version of KIbana and I can't export the saved search logs when I add it in a dashboard.

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