Can I create a table visualisation of my data without any aggregations in Kibana 6.5?

I want to create a visualisation of one of my indexes that is simply a table view of the data, with each column corresponding to a field in the index. So if the index has documents like so:

    "name" : "Eoin",
    "address" : "123 fake street",
    "age" : 26
    "name" : "Tom",
    "address" : "789 fakest street",
    "age" : 21

I just want to create a visualisation that will display the data in a table as follows:

name   | address           | age
Eoin   | 123 fake street   | 26
Tom    | 789 fakest street | 21

However I'm not able to create this with the current data table in kibana 6.5.4 because it forces you apply a metric such as count, avg etc. I saw a previous suggestion saying to save a custom search on discover and import that into a dashboard, but that simply copies how the data is displayed in discover into a dashboard, which is not what I want. I need it in a table structure like the one above.

Can this be done using Kibana? I would have thought this would be one of the most basic visualisations it would provide, but apparently not.

You can use Discover and select fields name, address and age from available fields and finally save as "Save search". "Save search" is a type of table visualization that you can add to dashboard

Got this to work using your suggestion after awhile. Thanks!

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