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i want to create a basic data table in a Kibana Dashboard with employees.

I tried using the Table Lens but there is always a requirement for a metric like count, sum,.. which i do not need, as i only want to display my documents in a table.

I know you can hide the column, but i think because of this functionality the columns of the table are created in a nested way.

The table i want to create should have 16 columns and as i tried to add the 10th column the visualization broke, which is already described here:

The answer suggests to use a discoverer saved search, so i tried that, but it turns out that with a visualisation based on a saved search it is possible to click on the documents to view the data and this is not the information a CEO should or wants to see.

I then found out, that there are two other options to create table visualizations in dashboards, which are TSVB and aggregation based data tables, but the first one only allows one column with different aggregations (as far as i can tell) and the second one is purely aggregations.

Then i found out it is possible to create a plain table with canvas, which is exactly what i want. I can just drop in my fields and it works perfectly. But i can not find a way to embed this table in a dashboard, only the other way around.

Of course the next idea then was to use canvas, but it seems like there is currently no real way of sharing and embeding an interactive canvas on a website, only a static one.
I found a workaround here:
But this mentions that it would be possible to hit escape to end fullscreen and again see things you are not supposed to see.

So with all the great ways to visualize data in Kibana, is there really no way to add a plain big table to a dashboard?

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Hello @Jonas_S , good morning.

What version of Kibana are you using?

I have "practice" instance running 7.13 and I loaded the flight sample data.
I've taken a screenshot of what seems to be what you are looking for, perhaps.
Is this an example of what you want, the table?

I did some digging and it seems this data table is a saved search that was built in Discover, using the Classic Table view mode.

Hello @Tre_Seymour, the version is 7.16.3

Is it possible to create a saved search in Discover that would give you the 16 columns you are interested in? If so, you could add that to a Dashboard.

I know this is possible. As described the problem here is, that it is possible to click on the entries, which shows internal information. And the CEO should not and does not want to see this.

Ok, so to be clear, we are talking about some sort of data-table, without the ability to expand the document (and see "deeper"). Correct?

Yes, as i said the data table from Canvas would be perfect.

What does "interactive" mean here? I ask because if the CEO clicks on a value and it expands, that is interactive (somewhat), but clearly not what you want.

There should be other visualizations within the same dashboard, like this barchart by age and it should still be possible to hover to get the highlighting.

Also there should be new data coming in daily, so a PDF or static Canvas won't do.

Also the Filter functionality is reqired to filter by profession for example.

Ok, so we are shooting for a dashboard with n number of other visualisations, including a table that can have 16 columns, but not the ability to expand the rows. Also, it needs to update automatically as the data changes over time.

I noticed that the table I'm using has the ability sort by time ascending and descending, and scroll to newer time frames. This could fit your use case as far as new records coming in.

Is that correct?

If so I'll reach out to colleagues about removing the controls to expand the document.

Ok, I've reached out, just waiting to hear back @Jonas_S

Yes, that is correct. Ok, thanks.

Hey there @Jonas_S would this be from a saved search?

I already explained in my first post how i found out about saved search visualization and it also was your proposal.
It is not my preferred solution, but if there is no other option available i can use it with the condition that it is possible to remove the possibility to view the whole document from there.
But again, i just want a plain table where it is possible to display >10 columns without any technical information attached to it and inside a dashboard, as canvas can't be embeded as iFrame.
It would be best if i could just use the canvas data table inside a dashboard, but as far as i know this is not possible.

Hello @Tre_Seymour, any updates?

Upgrading to the newest Version was the solution. In Kibana 8.2 it is possible to create a Table Lens with more than 10 columns.

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