Data Table Set up in Kibana

It appears that the data tables I can not just list the data based on a selection of columns. Can this be done? I have only been attempted to do aggregation on particular fields.

Kibana Visualization only displays aggregated data. You can use Canvas to view individual documents.

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Thank you. Can one then put that on a dashboard?

Canvas workpads can not be put into dashboards at the moment. is a feature request for embedded canvas workpads in dashboards.

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Thank you Nathan. What I am looking to do is to show everything that has a particular value in the status field.

Have you tried embeddeding a saved search in your dashboard? That would allow for the displaying of raw documents.

This does not show me the columns, etc. I need/want to be able to choose what columns are shown.

I got it. Thank you very very much!

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