Datatable visualization

Is there a simple way that i dont seem to find how i can can add more columns of information to a datatable visualization.

I have created a search filter to find locked out accounts that lists them under Discover.

Then i go to Visualize, add a datatable visualization.
Defaults to: Metric -> Count
I then split rows as bucket type, aggregation to Terms: username.
This works fine, i see the three users.

Now i want to add two more columns.
First i begin with datetime:
I add a subbucket - split rows, sub aggregation - terms - field: timestamp
Works fine

BUT.. then when i add another subbucket with same config but field computer.
The table filters off the row that dont have the field computer.

Cant it add the column but leave blank value?
So it seem to filter out.. i just want to add information.

Kibana pro's? Anyone?

In the options tab there is a checkbox that shows partial rows:


PS: You might have better luck putting a saved search on your dashboard if you want to see the actual documents. The data table is best for aggregate data

Thanks, will check that out.
The thing is that i want to add the data in a dashboard together with other stuff :slight_smile:

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