Possible to show multiple columns on a data table?

I'm fairly proficient with Data Table visualizations, but have mostly kept them to 2-3 columns. E.G. |bucket|count| or something like |bucket|count|sibling aggregation|.

Now I'd like to do something a little more complicated. I'd like to bucket the data table as usual, but I'd like many columns. I don't mind if I have to define each one individually, but I want something like |bucket|count where 'result' field NEGATIVE|count where 'result' field POSITIVE|count where 'accepted' field is ACCEPTED|count where 'accepted' field is REJECTED|.

However, the only way I know to get counts for various fields being a specific value is the query and filters at the top (which would eliminate other values of result and/or accepted). Also, the only way I know how to add more columns is to add more metrics. Is it possible to add a filter to a specific metric? That's the only way I have thought of that might make this work.

Am I overlooking something?

Hey @cgmelastic this isn't possible currently using the Data Table visualization. If you could give https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/9507 a +1 or a comment with your requirements, it'll help us prioritize this appropriately.

However, you can use the TSVB Table visualization to do this:

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That is very cool, that looks like exactly what I need. I have added my +1 to #9705 and started working on a Data Table visualization.

Grouping by ID is working, as I see rows, but my Count metrics are giving me 0s:

But if I create a basic Metric and only apply that same filter (path: "*/reject") I can see that there are 11 documents out there that match the filter:

What'd I do wrong?

Would you mind creating a bug for this? Even without using the filter, I'm not seeing any results unless I adjust the interval to be larger than the timespan and then tell it to not drop the last bucket.

@Brandon_Kobel , Got it: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/41969

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