Can some one help How to add two columns in Kibana tabble visulisation

Hi I have use case to display multiple aggrgated columns in visulisation. i am using data table as visulisation.

column 1 : sum of field 1 based on filteration in a given period
column 2: count of calls based on filteration in a given period
column 3 : sum of one field 3 based on filteration in a given period
column 4 : sum of one field 4 based on filteration in a given period

column 5 : (column 1+column 2)/(column3 +column4)

Can some help how to do achieve this.

Hi Anji.

The data table visualize does not support advanced calculations. But the TSVB table visualization can do it.

Here's an example of adding a calculated column that uses TSVB and Metricbeat.

Thanks nickpeihl for helping.

I have checked this option in tsvb. In My usecase, first avarage field and second average field the screenshot provided is having different filter conditions.

If eachfield is having filteroption, then this solve my usecase.
Can you please suggest any better way.

Hi Anji. Thanks for clarifying. Each column group you create has an Options tab where you can specify the a filter to apply to only that column.

Hi Nickpeihl,

for column it is present, Can we use multiple columns in one bucket script ?
from screen shot provided by you, two fields are used in bucket script for the calculations. in my use case the two fields used in one column required different filteration and use calculation in bucketscript.

Hi Anji. I do not think the context of one column is available in another column. But perhaps you can create a copy of a column to use as a basis for a new column then build your expression on top of that.

For example in the screenshot below, I used the "Clone series" button on the Cache column to create a column called "Cache Minus Free" which I then modified to subtract the "Average of".

Hi Nickpeihl,

let me explain clearly.

we have actual, used, free in catchminusfree column
actual is calculated as average of one field. here considering all the records in the given period.
but in myuse case we should not consider all the records for each field.
for actual one set of records based on filter,
for used one set of records based on filter,
for free one set of records based on filter,

this 3 different filters are not possible in one column.

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