Kibana Data Table with more than 40 columns


I just need to create a data table in Kibana with more than 40 columns, having data from elasticsearch (one index).

But when I tried creating it, I used one metric with buckets/terms for multiple columns (40+), elasticsearch server got very slow and lost the connection with Kibana and also I could not able to save the visualization in Kibana getting an error like - "Request Timeout 3000ms". Is there any possible way to get through this? Please help.


Could you describe the data table that you're wanting to achieve in more detail? (What kinds of columns do you have, and what metrics?)

Each time you add a "split" inside a data table, you're increasing the total number of results exponentially. For example, if I'm splitting my data by 1 term and there are a total of 5 different values, I'll only have 5 entries in my table. If I split by a 2nd term which has 10 different values, I'll have 5 x 10 = 50 entries. If I again split by a 3rd term which has 5 different values, I'll have 250 entries, and so on. With 40 different splits, you're almost definitely going to have more entries in your table than you can make sense of. There's probably a different way of going about what you're wanting to accomplish. (Maybe it's using a doc table instead of data table.)

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Thanks for your response, Lukas.

Metric - Unique count (EmployeeName)
Columns - EmployeeID, EmployeeName, .... etc.,

Can you guide me how to use doc table instead of data table?

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