Datatable Kibana

Hi All
how to display the table as shown below ..

Thanks before

  1. Go to Discover and create a view on your index
  2. Select each column you want to include/add in your view by clicking add on it
  3. Save your search
  4. Go to Visualization
  5. Select "Data Table"
  6. Select your saved search from step 3
  7. Refer to our documentation on what aggregations are available in the datatable:

Thanks for your reply @majagrubic

I have done it based on the steps given but still no changes .

Could you provide a screenshot of how your current visualization looks like, rather than a mockup of what you're trying to do?

I want to make a table like the image below

I'm sorry, but it's just not clear at what step the creation of DataTable visualization fails. What I described above is how you can create a visualization that will get you what you need.

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