Visualization of Data table in Kibana cannot show all the records

Hi, I made a data table visualization in Kibana, but I found it cannot show all the records by date. For example: I want to check the data with the date: 2020-04-07, but the table shows only part of the data.Pic1 shows there is only one record with the exception_type of Unhandle Exception, but actually there should be 4.


How can I solve this problem ? Looking forwarding to your reply! Thanks!

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The "data table" visualization is a tool for visualizing aggregations of your documents, not individual documents. If you want to add a table view of individual documents, go to "Discover", select the fields you want to see, and save the current view using the "Save" button in the top menu.

This will create a "saved search" - you can also add it to a dashboard in the same way you can add visualizations from "Visualize".


Hi, I need to make a count of the same data to show, but using "saved search" doesn't seem to work, so I'm still wondering how do I get my data table to show all the data that fits the criteria.I also want to ask if the "size" shown in my picture refers to the amount of data displayed:image
Looking forwarding to your reply! Thanks!

OK, maybe I misunderstood your initial question.

The size parameter defines how often the row is split at max at this level. To make sure to see all possible combinations, you would have to increase the number at each level. Not sure whether it makes sense to split by the whole "Exception" message as well, sounds like that would produce way too many rows to go through manually.

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:Thank you so much for your reply! I will try the method you suggested.

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