Data table missing data compared to Discover Tab

When I create Visualization Data Row I notice that if I aggregate by terms some rows are not displayed compared to what I see in Discover Tab.
The rows data are not displayed are messages that are bigger then the others shown.
How do I solve this issue?

It seems that this is the same issue:

I can't quite tell if you are talking about an issue with the actual documents you're matching, or whether it's an issue with the height of rows in the data table. I don't see an issue with height when I try it out, so I think you might be expecting to see individual documents in an aggregated table. Can you share more about how you've configured your aggregations?

In Data Table Visualization I am using Terms Aggregation and the field is "message.keyword."
2 messages are found. The messages are quite small.

In the Disover Tab I am filtering by message I can see 3 messages instead of 2. 2 are small one line message and one is bigger.

Why cant I see the 3rd message in Data Table Visualization Tab? I expect to see 3 messages in the Data Table.

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