Kibana data-table visualization not displaying all data rows

I’m trying to create a Data Table visualization and I have below issue.

My buckets selections as follows.

In discover page, i can able to view the data , each fields value and its rows without any problem.

But in visualize library page for my Description field it doesn’t show expect single row.
Without my Description field i can able to load all rows.

Since size I have selected (5000) in aggregation still not sure why it is not showing all the rows.

Can I know should I change something in kibana configurations to display all my data-table rows?

Thanks in advance for the help!

Hey, so you have a metric and split row with terms and you only see one row?
Can you check the response from ES. You can see it by clicking the inspect button. Does your time span is the same you are using in Discover?

Hello @Stratoula_Kalafateli, You are right and even the response from inspect button also i can i see only one row.

For your information, My description column contains data in below format.

[S-Name] Frank Van Puffelen.
[Area/Pin] San Francisco, CA.
[Locality/Status/Population] Northern California.
[City Zipcode#] 012345678
[Relevant Details] Center for flagship.
[Department] Staff services.
[Peninsula] Pacific Ocean.
[Services and resources] ADA information.
[Created By] Alvaro Alfaro.
***** Apply Online:*****

Hmm I see, this is the reason. For this format is difficult for ES to get the different terms. Discover is not running any aggregation. Just displays the values as they are in the index, this is why you see your data in Discover.

Okay. At present I'm using ELK - 8.6.1 version. So with latest version (Or) any possible workaround can help to view the data in visualization section?

No I am afraid that with this format is difficult for ES to extract the terms tbh. I think that this info that exists on the description should be extracted in different fields. So one field the Name, one field the area, one field the zip code etc.

@Stratoula_Kalafateli - Since one row field that i'm able to view in data-table has 242 characters. Whereas the other rows description field are having more than 256 characters.

So i had executed "ignore_above": 512000 for description field but still description field values are not loading.

So further any changes do i need to make? Please confirm.

Thanks in advance.

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