In data table visualization i have 5 columns but in one column, only one data is coming

in data table visualization, I have 5 columns but in one column, only one row is missing instead of 10 rows. in that column multiline are there. In discover, i can see complete data but for that one column, only single row is coming instead of 10 rows. rest all column is coming fine.

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Are you talking about a data table visualization on a specific dashboard in Kibana? Which version of Elastic are you using? What is the field data type? Which aggregation are you utilizing? Do you have any filters enabled on that dashboard?

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Version: 8.6.1

Yes data table visualization.
field data type is keyword.

I am creating visualization for my data. my data contains 5 columns. out of them one has more number of character if i am adding that column in split row only one data is coming instead of 100.
if i dont use that specific column rest all 100 rows are coming.

Sample data:
1,xyz,ist,company, [url] rest api [company] some_company [des] git commit[api_name]any restapi[local] **** ****

so if i am adding these data in visualize, other than details column everything is coming but only one detail row is coming. but rest 99 data it is showing missing.

In discover i can see complete data

Thanks for the additional context. What metric are you using for the table? Is there any filter enabled? A screenshot of the table visualization (with and without the 'details') and the configuration of metrics and buckets would be helpful. Feel free to blur sensitive data.

I am using data table visualization. Data i have uploaded using logstash filter.
One of the column of my csv has multilple lines.

For example:

[url] rest api [company] some_company [des] git commit[api_name]any restapi[local] **** ****

This is one column that i can see in data table. This is having 256 character. other than that in same column there are rows which has more than 256 character. I have modified
ignore_above": 512000

mapping": {
          "keyword": {
            "type": "keyword",
            "ignore_above": 512000

still rest rows are not coming in data table.

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