Visualizing with Kibana


I know how to make different charts using Kibana like the one below.

I was wondering if there's such functionality in kibana that for example if I click on one column, it shows all the data that belongs to that column.
Another great thing would be if I could get a visual result for console queries not just in JSON like format.

Is there anything that offers such functionality?

Thanks in advance,
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hi @pajesz

For your first question, all visualizations in Kibana work with aggregations, not individual records, but what you can do is the following:

  • create a table-visualization that shows individual records. You can do that if you have a field that can serve as an Id for that document, and then do a term-aggregation on that field.
  • add both your bar chart and your table to a Dashboard.
  • when you click a column, it will add a filter to the filter bar, filtering out the results in the table.

As for your 2nd question:

  • Open the "spy-panel" in your visualization (use the little grey arrow at the bottom to expand it). There are a few tabs, one for the raw JSON request and response, but also one with the results in a table.



Thanks a lot, the first one did help, but I can't find the "spy-panel". I mean I found something like you said in the discover menu, but I want the Dev Tools console query results in a table. Could you help with that (screenshot)?


hi @pajesz

yup, it's that little arrow at the bottom left of the visualization

e.g.: it's right at the bottom edge of the screenshots here.

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