About visualization

I am new here. I have two questions,

  1. Is it possible to visualize the result of queries executed in Dev Tools?
  2. How can we export the dashboard ? Not the exported json file just the dashboard as it is
    mainly for documentation purpose.
  1. Not out of the box. If you get back results of those queries, you could then try creating an index for them, so they become just like any other data. Then you could create visualizations for it. Is there a particular query you're working with? I know we have some visual aides in the works for some of our Elasticsearch APIs.

  2. A couple of questions. What version of Kibana/Elasticsearch are you using? In what format do you want the exported dashboards? Like a screen capture?

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  1. I thought of creating an index with the query result. But is there any way to get that query result data?. I created an index and was performing queries on that. So just wanted to visualize the results.

  2. Yeah, i want it like a screen capture

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