How to port dev tool queries to into the dashboard?


We are about to onboard Elasticsearch + Kibana in our environment. That said, I have been using Kibana dev tools to run queries and I have gotten a pretty good feel for it now.

Now that I have gotten past that hurdle, I am looking at producing data as tables or charts using Kibana and I am getting stumped in translating some of these queries over from "Dev Tools" into the "Dashboard".

A few searches that I did tells me that, this is not possible, but this is from some time back. Has anything changed since then?

It seems like a real PITA to port queries over, can somebody share their thoughts on this matter?


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Hey @gthang, we have two options here, the first and most common approach is to use the Visualize editor to create your Visualizations, but if you go this route there isn't a way to directly grab a query and create a Visualization from it. Instead, you'll have to use the Visualization Editor to create the necessary aggregations/metrics using the UI to create the different Visualizations.

The second options, which is less common but more powerful, is to use the Vega visualization which lets you use your existing queries directly to build various charts/graphs.


Hello Brandon,

Thanks for your response, do you have any idea when the SQL functionality is going to be pushed out into elastic.

I was looking at this link specifically.


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@gthang there's nothing definitive yet, but our Canvas plugin is most likely the first thing that will get support for SQL, but it's something that we want to incorporate in a more comprehensive manner long-term.

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