Data table :hide column Count

In a data table, is it possible to hide column Count ? I split line with other information.

Have you created a visualization of type "Data Table" or are you referring to the data table that is available when you click the expand button at the bottom when viewing another type of visualization?

I have created a data table visualisation

For example:

My goal is to list the records.
Kibana forces me to choose a metric, which adds a column Count , Sum ...

The visualizations are only functional when you have a metric selected (e.g. count, sum), so unfortunately there isn't a way to remove this column.

What if you created a saved search on the Discover tab instead, with only the columns you're interested in?

Yes but we can't add a save search in a dashboard

Actually, you can :slight_smile:

If you go to a dashboard, then click on the "add" button, you'll notice two tabs: "Visualizations" and "Searches". Click on the "Searches" tab and you'll be able to add your search.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you !! I had not seen that it is possible to add a search to a dashboard

Hi, @lukas in the example above is possible hide bucket column? for example hide s_ip.raw

Unfortunately, no, it's not currently possible to hide columns in the data table visualization.


I tried that but I can't rename the column display names in the dashboard based on a search. Is that possible?