Hide columns in Data table in kibana 7.6

1.When we create a data table visualization Count column is added automatically as uploaded in picture below.4
2.I dont want to show the Count column in by kibana dashboard as uploaded in the below picture 5
Please help me out to achieve without Count column in my kibana dashboard

Iam new to ELK .Anyone can help me?


use Enhanced table plugin, we can do this using that plugin..

will it supports 7.6 . can you provide me the link

yes, it supports.

Link : https://github.com/fbaligand/kibana-enhanced-table

Follow the steps in above image..

Thanks . we tried the method mentioned in the link ,but failed to install . let me know you have any idea on the error .

directly from Internet URL : $KIBANA_HOME/bin/kibana-plugin install https://github.com/fbaligand/kibana-enhanced-table/releases/download/vX.Y.Z/enhanced-table-X.Y.Z_A.B.C.zip - force

Can you please try like this, thanks.

thanks i could able to install the plugin

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You didn't show how you created your data table, but I don't think you need to install a custom plugin for your issue. Here I created a data table with 2 Average metrics. The default metric is Count but you can change that.

Same data table where I also split rows with a Terms aggregation (and no Count);

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