Remove/Hide metrics column from DataTable visualization

Hi, I need some help in structuring Datatable visualization so that I can download the CSV without Metrics column. If I try to create a DataTable visualization, it adds Mandatorily "Metrics" column. Business need is to allow business users to download incremental data in CSV format. Engineering team should configure dashboards and business team use some filter and download the CSV.

But this extra column is causing problem. Is there any way to hide from DataTable visualizations?

I know the alternative is "Discover" section. But requirement is to create a Dashboard and share with the business team. Is this possible using Kibana?

  1. You can save a Discover search to a dashboard.
  2. Why is it a problem to have extra data in the CSV?
  • You can't hide the metrics column in the data table that you're using
  • But we are adding the "hide column" feature to Lens in the next minor.

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