How to build a custom Kibana plugin similar to discover saved search without aggregation

Hi Team,

I am trying to build a custom Kibana plugin of type visualisation. I want to display similar to discover saved search without any aggregation.

How can I achieve this?
What schema should be definied inside editorConfig to achieve this?

Also if i create an app instead of visualisation, can I integrate that as a panel in one of my dashboards?

Thank you

Not sure if this meets your use case. But if you are looking for a table like saved search with no aggregation you can add a saved search into your dashboard.

Just save the search how you want it then in dashboard add object to dashboard.

I want the saved search table with some additional functionality like onclick, highlights etc.

I've never done a viz, only apps and hacks. Also don't know of a way to integrate an app into a dashboard. Guess it's possible with a hack but it wouldn't be easy to do. Would just find the place you want to enter the table and append the code for the table.

Doing it with a visualization is probably the better choice though.

Id check out code. I think you can use that without aggregations and could see how they did it.

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