Kibana Plugin or Visualization

Hello Team,

I am working on a use case where i need to show saved search like visualization .

ColumnClass : shows Admission for a particular class.
ColumnA : todays admission count
ColumnB: last 3 days admission count
Percentage = (ColumnA *100)/ColumnB

So i need to just select the index pattern and no other selection should be available for users and visualization should build the table.
Could you please help me if w can achieve this using custom visualization.

Thank you for your help and support


It's not clear to me what exactly you're trying to build, but the answer is almost always "yes". If you're capable of doing some heavy JavaScript programming, you can probably build a plugin that does what you want it to do.

Hi christophilus,

Sorry for the delay , actually i have a dashboard with existing kibana visualization and i need to add some custom visualizations , which will essentially get the data from one or more indices and build a table something similar to above table.
So just wanted to understand if we can achieve this with visualization or we have to go only for custom plugin.
only problem with custom plugin is i dont know if we can add existing visualizations like timelon, line graphs in custom plugin. so was exploring the option of custom visualization.
i tried to read the docs and tried check the source code, i think i can build custom react visualization to build the saved search like table.

Could you please help me if my understnding is correct or is there any better way to achieve this.

Thank you,

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