Embedding visualization in Kibana custom plugin

Hello Team,

I have a use case to create custom UI Kibana plugin and show search results.
I was able to create a custom plugin and install it in Kibana, but couldn't find the way to embed visualisation into the plugin.
Could you please help me with pointers to add saved search or other out of the box visualisation in the plugin.

Thanks in advance.

Good morning, Aditya! Would this documentation be of use to you, or is there something it doesn't address?


Thank you very much clintandrewhall.

Sorry to ask again, but i am just a bit confused.

Lets say for example i created a saved search using discover tab and added it into a dashboard , then this dashboard with savedsearch table can be used with global filters and time selection options right.
like that if i want to embed the same savedsearch in my plugin,will i have to implement VisualizeLoader class to achieve dashboard like behavior and functionality?
here, in above example instead of savedsearch can i add other visualizations like linechart or piechart etc into custom plugin.

Thanks for your help and support.

@timroes Do you have any insight here? You know quite a bit when it comes to visualizations in plugins... thanks in advance!

Thank you clintandrewhall and timroes.

Just FYI,
I am using Kibana and elasticsearch 6.3

Thank you,

Hi Aditya,

we have nowadays a couple of test plugins in our repository, that actually will also be automated tested every release (so we don't break those APIs incidentally). There is a plugin for embedding visualizations that I would recommend having a look at. It's also documented to help you guide embedding your own visualization (see especially this file.

Since we haven't had those test plugin in 6.3 it might be that the API has been slightly different. I recommend looking into our API changes blog post for each version to figure out changes:


Thank you very much timroes,

I will try to implement this.

Thank you,

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