Kibana: how to show values directly without aggregation?

(Jason-9) #1

ELK experts, I'm desperately need your help. I've spend hours and days on
this simple thing but still can't figure it out.

My settings are Elasticsearch 1.4.4 and Kibana 4.0.1. My program feeds data
into ElasticSearch. The data contain a timestamp and a value. I want to
create a bar chart, with the timestamp as X-axis and the value as Y-axis,
directly. No aggregation. How can I make it? Appreciate any hints. Thanks.

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How to show data without "Aggregation"
(pankaj bhagra) #2

is there any solution available in ELK to solve the specified problem ?

I was also digging/playing for last 2 days in kibana to display non-agregated field value on the Y-axis with the date-histogram on the x-axis. any suggestions/alternative/recommendation ?


(Simon Risberg) #3

I really don't think it's possible. I just made a grok filter pattern using regular expression, then indexed it in Kibana 4 under the settings and then you can use it as an aggregation.

(system) #4