Y-Axis Aggregation to be the value itself

I am trying to plot server metrics from a log file. There is cpu load, memory etc. Thing with visualization is that Y-axis is only an aggregation of values, not the actual values itself. This would simply be equivalent to plotting a graph over time, no aggregation, similar to excel.

I know this log should be imported as metricbeat but is there a way around this? perhaps through logstash or something?

All Kibana visualizations are built on aggregations.

But if you zoom in to a small enough timespan, and/or select a small time interval, you can get individual values. Just select a metric like Average. Once you zoom in to a time scale where there's only one value in that interval it will be showing the individual value. It's worth trying.

The experimental Vega visualization in Kibana can show individual values. But please keep in mind it's experimental and subject to breaking changes in future releases or even complete removal. You might have to refer to Vega or Vega-Lite documentation for help on it.


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