Adding a AWS Lambda between API Gateway and Spring boot

I have a team that has built everything using NodeJS/Typescript. They have specific libraries that are written in typescript that can read the headers the upstream services pass.

However, my service is in Spring boot which of course is a JVM service. Now, I want to use this typescript library to extract headers from request and pass to my controller. What are my options?

I have compiled a couple of them:

  1. [NOT SURE] I assume there must be a way to add a AWS Lambda that massages the request and sits between API Gateway and my spring boot app. This lambda can act as the authorizer lambda which can clean and forward the request to spring boot. I am thinking of this lambda more like an interceptor rather than a proxy.
  2. Polyglot programming. Not sure how to do that. Anyone has any idea how can i use a typescript library in java?

Any suggestions, opinions will be appreciated!

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It's not clear what this has to do with ECK or Elasticsearch, can you elaborate please?

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