Create Python elasticsearch connection

I'm using python client:Python Elasticsearch Client — Elasticsearch 8.0.0 documentation to initiate API calls to my ES hosted behind AWS API gateway.
Can i use the SDK to talk to my ES stack if mTLS has been enabled?
I tried connecting using the snippet below but it failed:

es = Elasticsearch(
    headers={"x-api-key":  "mykey"}

My API gateway will require:
client cert,client key and x-api-key

I can confirm that initiating the below curl works perfectly:
curl -X GET '{host}:443/_cluster/health?pretty' --header "x-api-key: {}" --cert /home/ec2-user/{}.cer --key /home/ec2-user/{}.pem

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You might be able to do this with Connection Layer API — Elasticsearch 8.0.0 documentation, but it's not something I have done myself.

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