Adding a new and different ElasticSearch node to Kibana

I've seen some similar posts on the forum but none of them quite represents my issue.

I've got an Elasticsearch instance running receiving some logs, and Kibana in a separete instance pointed to it. Everything works great, I can see all of my indexes, stack monitoring is showing disk and cpu usage of the ES instance.

Now here's my problem: I want to add a new ES instance to the mix. It will receive completely different logs from completely different applications.
Is this possible ?

Cross-cluster search dosen't seem to be the solution, as I dont want to run a single search request against one or more remote clusters, but be able to see different index and run different search requests on them from an single Kibana instance.

So far generating new certificates for the ES Instances (either new certificates for both or creating a new certificate for one node and copying to the other) isn't working.

Any help ?

Cross-cluster search is the only way to query multiple clusters from a single Kibana instance.

Thank you for your fast response!

Does Cross-cluster search works even if the two ES nodes have different data and indexes ?

Welcome to our community! :smiley:

Yes it does.

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