Adding arrays of objects using java update API and scripting

How do I use updateRequestBuilder.addScriptParam to add List/Arrays.

I want to replace "ctx._source.communities" with the list of maps called
"new_communities" but it always ends up as an empty array.

List<Map<String,Object>> communityMapList = new

        for(CommunityRelationship community : 


            Map<String,Object> communityMap = new


            communityMap.put("communityId", community.getCommunityId());






        UpdateRequestBuilder updateRequestBuilder = client

.prepareUpdate(SearchFields.INDEX, SearchFields.USER_TYPE, userId)

                .addScriptParam("new_communities", communityMapList)



                .setScript("ctx._source.communities = new_communities");

I've figured out how to pass in a single community append but I'd really
like to pass in a list of communities.

This seems a simple thing to do using json (Just write out the string
but I can't see how to pass this into the java api.

Any ideas?


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