Java API UpdateArray

Hi Guys !

I have a document which contains an array of JSONObject.

When I add a JSONObject in my array from Sense like this, it works fine :

[quote] POST index/type/1/_update
"script" : {
"inline": "ctx._source.people.add(params.person)",
"lang": "painless",
"params" : {
"person" : {
"field" : "test"

But when I'm trying to add throw the Java Api with this code :

I got the following error : can not write type [class org.json.JSONObject]

I tried to replace the JSONObject with a XContentBuilder but the same exception is throwing...

Can anyone has an explenation or an idea how I can fix this ?

Can you show the code snippet that creates valueTest?


Thanks for replying !

Yes, of course, I try this :

And I try this as well :

Both give me the error :frowning:

Try with a HashMap

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