Adding buttons in kibana markup visualisations

Kibana version : 7.9

I wanted to add button to my mark up visualisation . Is there any short cuts that we add in mark up like square bracket we add to get links .
Any way we can bring buttons in that markup visualisation. If any body has custom plugin code pls share

Hi, this is not currently possible in markdown nor in other default visualizations plugin.
You can add button only in a Vega visualization but it will be only limited to work within the vega panel itself:
What is your use-case for adding a button in a visualization?

here there is an example of a vega visualization with a button to interact with the filter bar:

It acts just like a link to navigate to a screen and I use markups to show the breadcrumbs

why not using directly a link in markdown?

Its for a better look and feel of the UI .. I could do it by adding an image which acts like a button using the syntax

[![image] (] [URL]

Note: remove spaces above in between braces

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