Using vega visualizations with Canvas (interactivity with dropdown)

Hey Everyone,

I have a Canvas with several charts that are changing with a dropdown select filter.

I added my radar chart to my Canvas that I created with custom vega visualization using Add Element - Add from Kibana.

I want my filter to effect this radar chart as well. Is there a way I can achieve this, because right now its only giving me static image.


Do you see any errors in browser console?
Your other Kibana vizs are displaying data according to canvas filters in the workpad?

Checking to see if Canvas team knows something about this - cc @Catherine_Liu / @poff


I dont receive any errors. My chart is looking like this in the Canvas slide, but I want it to be interactive with my dropdown like my other charts:

I tried adding filter group like I normally do with my other charts but this one is not interacting.

filters group="SePr"

| savedVisualization id="ef17fda0-22b3-11ec-8664-3dfe68294d0a" timerange={timerange from="now+15y" to="now"} hideLegend=true

| render

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