Dropdown in canvas does not filter visualization from 'Add from Kibana"


I am working with canvas where I have several visualizations and a dropdown. I imported a treemap from lens to canvas but the treemap is not being filtered by the canvas dropdown. Am I missing something, or is this a expected behaviour?

Any clarification regarding this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @MTV ,

the sync is not automatic, and you have to enable it manually.
If you open the expression editor for the Lens visualization, you can prepend filters | savedLens ... to it and the dropdown will work as filter for the Lens visualization.

Mind that time filters for Canvas and the Lens embeddables have distinct time ranges, so pay attention to that when looking results.

Hi @Marco_Liberati ,

It worked, thank you!! I didn't think we could apply filters to lens visualizations in canvas, so I ddin't try! Not a smart move from my side! Thank you again!

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