Canvas kibana visualization filter


Is it possible to add filters to Kibana visualizations within Canvas? We create reports for customers and it would be useful to create the generic visualizations, create reports for each customer and and the filter in canvas.

I have built most of the reports with Elasticsearch SQL but some of the kibana graphs are nicer.


Hello Philip,

You should be able to add filters to embedded visualizations. As for adding these visualizations to Canvas, looks like this capability was added here. That may be a little misleading version-wise though. A few other sources indicate this capability was introduced fully by version 7.7. Hope that helps!


Hi @Aaron_Caldwell,

Sorry i never noticed the dropdown filter before. Are there any guides on the filter? I have added a visualization to my workpad, added a dropdown filter got it to list the organizations that map to the field that the visualization is based on but it does not update the visualization.


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