Issue with Canvas dropdown filter

Hello, I am trying to add a visualization with dropdown filters to my canvas workpad. The Workpad already is having other visualizations, now the values of the visualizations are not changing based on the dropdown selection The same is working fine when these two visualizations are added to Dashboard

Any help will be appreciated!!

Thanks, Sachin

Control visualizations work by adding filters to the filter bar. Canvas does not have a filter bar like Dashboard so the Control visualization has no where to add filters. I have opened to avoid allowing adding Control visualizations to Canvas.

Instead, Canvas has its own dropdown filter component. To create, under Add element, select Filter.

Hi Nathan,
Thanks for responding , I am looking into canvas filter . I have couple of other queries.
a) Can kibana canvas implementation have a dropdown chain filter like in kibana dashboard ?
b) On my canvas workpad , I have visualization from multiple indexes. Can the same set of chained filters act as global filters on canvas.

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