Adding headers and modifying url

We are using ELK stack as part of a troubleshooting tool. In our tool we have kibana,elasticsearch and logstash running inside a docker container in a remote server. The kibana dashboard is embedded as iframe in UI running on client's browser. The remote server is designed such that it can be accessed only through REST APIs with a cookie header for authentication. So for the dashboard to contact the kibana inside container it should first send a request to remote server and the remote server forwards the request to kibana inside the docker only if its having the headers correctly set. Is is possible to set the headers for all kibana requests dynamically? I'm not talking about setting the headers for elasticsearch, this is about kibana dashboard contacting backend. I can set the header for the initial request that is embedded as src in iframe. But it will simply return the static source code with many other links embedded in it. I have to set the headers for all these embedded links.

This would be a very difficult thing to accomplish, as Kibana is not built for this. You can hack the source code and rebuild Kibana, but that will take a while and I'm positive there isn't only one place where you have to set the headers.

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