Adding indecies current merges back

Marvel monitoring has been very helpful (the 1.x version) the new version 2.x has been very limited. You removed many useful charts, and abilities.

One of the things I miss is being able to watch all my nodes on the same chart.

I am having an issue with merges. They are constantly going, and Marvel 1.x was able to show me the sizes and when they're happening. I tried to recreate the chart in Kibana but I'm unable to find indices.merges.current_size_in_bytes that Marvel 1.x was using.

You can find the shard merge information in:

  • index_stats.primaries.merges.total_size_in_bytes - primary shards only
  • - primary + replica shards

Sorry to hear you find the UI in Marvel 2.x to be too limited. We are trying to find the right balance between giving too that leave new users lost, and not enough options. Please be patient with us as we're continuously iterating.