Adding index to dynamic list of aliases

I have a time-based indices, so using multi-writes I create an index every day (for example "index-2016-06-06").
When executing queries I know the earliest date in which the data I am looking for exist, so my thought was to create an alias per day, saying "since-{date}" (for example "since-2016-06-06"), which will include all of the indices since the date till "now".

Using templates I can automatically add new index to alias, but - I can't easily add this new index to ALL of the relevant aliases.
Is there a simple way to do it ?
The only way I see it is by change the template on a daily basis - or create a huge list of templates, each per day, which will wait in advance for the upcoming new index.

Any ideas ?

Elasticsearch Curator can manage this.

If I understand correctly, Curator just wrap the existing elastic API with nice command line interface.
Does it adds some extra capabilities I failed to grasp ?