Adding Leading Zeros To Lens Metric

Could anyone enlighten me as to whether it is possible to add leading zeros to the Metric Visualisation?
I am trying to get the count of all records from a specific query and I would like to add zeros before that value and have it be displayed

e.g., 0000123 showing on the visualisation

No, I would not like this on the ingest pipeline

Hey @rblob, no this is not possible atm. You can create a feature request here Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

What is your case? Why do you want to add leading zeros?

Thank you for the quick reply, @Stratoula_Kalafateli.

That's a shame, in my circumstance I believe it would be useful for copying and pasting values that must conform to a specific length, such as my prior example.

Is this something that could be achieved using Vega visualisations?

I see, you can't create a metric viz with vega. f you align your Lens metrics on the right side on your dashboard? Will it help on your use case?

That's odd, I would've thought you could use vega to display the total number of records as text. I was then hoping it could be modified to add leading zeroes.

Unfortunately, that wouldn't help my use case.

@Stratoula_Kalafateli, are you aware of any other methods to solve my problem?

I am afraid that I am not. Can you open a feature request for that?


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