Adding Multiple Indexes to a Template

I am looking to define a template for 3 indexes:


But I can't apply the template to all three indexes without using the "*" wildcard, which I don't want to do since I have other indexes that I don't want the template to apply to (e.g. eventlogs, beats, etc.).

Is there any way to define multiple indexes in a template definition ... something like:

PUT _template/common_template
"order": 5,
"template": "clients-,servers-,ps-",
"settings": { "index": { "mapping": { "total_fields": { "limit": "1000" }, "ignore_malformed": "true" }, } },
"mappings": { "default": { "properties": { "@timestamp": { "type": "date" } } } }

No there's not, it is a single patter so you would need 3 templates.

Please do feel free to raise a feature request in github though, as this sounds useful :slight_smile:

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